Technoform Glassinsulation

Workable and versatile


To manufacture high performance insulating glass units quickly and cost effectively, the TGI-Spacer is the ideal solution:

  • Low investment costs
  • Reduction of component and labour costs
  • Processed on all standard bending machines
  • Easily switch between aluminium and TGI-Spacers
  • Excellent forming properties for all and any shapes
  • Works with all common sealants
  • Longer and better performance of the windows


The TGI-Spacer and the TGI-Muntin bar are available in a number of colours and sizes to suit your needs.

The advantages:

  • Incorporate into any window shape or size
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Attractive matt finish




Technoform Glass Insulation provides advice on how to introduce TGI-Spacers into an IGU manufacturer’s production sequence and calculates the thermal value of your products to ensure your company complies with the latest legislation.

Technoform Glass Insulation provides direct on-site assistance with setting up new and existing bending machines, as well as assisting in sourcing process support and machine parts.

As a customer and business partner, you will deal direct with the manufacturer of the product you are buying.



The TGI-Spacer is an advanced warm edge solution that meets all relevant quality and safety standards including:

  • EN1279 part 2 and part 3
  • DIN ISO 9001
  • Cekal 
  • ASTM
  • Fogging tests according to EN 1279-6 for each colour 
  • Tests according ISO 4892 UV-resistance

Better thermal performance

TGI-Spacers can be bent around the glass unit or cut and processed with corner keys. Bending prevents the argon or krypton from escaping through the corners – traditionally a weak point within a sealed unit – so the window will perform better for longer.